Dear Stranger…

You don’t know me, but I want to share you a couple of things, or maybe a lot. I need someone to listen. I’d be glad to hear what you think but please let me talk first. I need a listener right now.

There was a time when I knew what I wanted in life: a good job with good pay. I thought from there, life will get better. That’s the main reason why we finished school right, so that we can land ourselves a good job? Basic reason why we had to study for many years. Problem is in school, they do not tell you everything. Well, isn’t that the beauty of life? Not knowing where it leads you, taking risks, opening and closing doors, crossing bridges…

Oh Stranger, I am in that stage of life where I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Chaos. Yup, I think that’s the right word I can use to describe what I feel right now. I know I am not in my best place but I live with it anyway. I am very certain that I do not love what I am doing but I am doing it anyway. I do not love my job! It’s driving me crazy! I have never met people so cynical and narrow-minded and unappreciative. It sucks. Damn, it sucks…

I know what I want to do, but I am afraid that by doing this, I am going to hurt someone else’s feelings. I think I am ready to make a wrong turn. I am ready to take risks, I am ready to fail. I am ready to do and face just about everything but I dread hurting their feelings.

I am at a crossroad and I have never been so eager to take any path.

So Stranger, what exactly do you do when it’s your parents you don’t want to hurt?


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