Dear Mom, I Like Girls (… Or Boys)

Oh my… Can I use this letter too?

Thought Catalog

Coming out to one’s parents is sometimes way harder than coming out to your friends or total strangers. There is a primal sort of fear that accompanies the process. It makes you face the possibility of being rejected by some of the people you love the most, and even the thought of saying “I’m gay” to them can be enough to induce a panic attack. But I believe that this is a necessary process we must go through when we find ourselves ready for it because we shouldn’t have to hide from the people we call home.

Here is what I would like to say to my mom should I get enough courage to finally do it.


Dear Mom,

I’m not straight. I like boys, but I also like girls. I can even imagine spending the rest of my life with a woman.

Did you hear me?

I like…

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